Senior Capstone: March 16 – 24, 2017


Since 2000, WCHS has partnered with S.C.O.R.E. International to offer a Senior Capstone trip to the Dominican Republic. Often a life-changing experience for seniors preparing for the next stage of life, WCHS’ Senior Capstone is designed:

  1. To expose students to a cross-cultural experience in an economically-challenged area of the world;
  2. To provide the opportunity for students to serve others; and
  3. To make lifetime memories with classmates.

“It wasn’t until after we left the village that I began to realize that we had given them the greatest gift in the world. But it wasn’t our time, or our exhausted shoulders, or even a bag full of airplanes. We had given them the boundless and unfathomable love of Christ and the incredible joy which that brings, and I am overjoyed to have had the opportunity to join with God for this short week in being His arms to just one more small village for one more short day. I can only hope that the rest of my life can continue this ministry to one more village at a time.” Jonnie Barlow (WCS ’12)

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Senior Capstone Resources

Health Care Information

Financial Arrangements

Score Application

Support Letter for Non-Basketball Student

Support Letter for Basketball Student

What Must I Do if I am not going to the DR

Donation Information- Basketball Students

Donation Information-Non-Basketball Students