Important Reminders From The Finance Team

WCS will soon be implementing a new Facilities Fee. Beginning with the 2017-18 school year, each family will be assessed $500 annually for the purpose of maintaining and upgrading our school facilities. Previous communication indicated that this assessment would be split into four payments over the course of the year. After further discussion, we have decided to bill the new fee in the same way as your tuition charges for the year.

Here’s what that means for you: If you are an annual payer, the entire Facilities Fee will be included in your annual payment. If you are a monthly payer, an equal portion of the fee will be included in each of your monthly payments. Soon you will be receiving an email outlining your tuition charges for the 2017-18 year; the Facilities Fee will be listed there as well, as a separate line item.

On another note, the ParentsWeb screen is currently undergoing a transition due to a tighter integration between RenWeb and FACTS, so it looks a little different than it has in the past. If you still need to pay any fees for the current school year, go to ParentsWeb and click on the FACTS button. Ignore the top part of the page and scroll to the bottom. Select PayNow next to the line you wish to pay. Make sure to click through all of the screens until you get confirmation that your payment has been made. The final button will be simply “Pay”; keep going until you click through that screen. If the balance you were paying does not change, you probably didn’t make it all the way through.

One last thing: Before the next school year starts, we will be sending out another communication to explain how to navigate the financial portion of the new ParentsWeb screens, so look forward to that sometime in August.

Thanks for sending your kids to WCS. We’re looking forward to a great 2017-18 school year. But first, enjoy your summer!