“You’ll Get Out Of It What You Put Into It”: Senior Offers Wise Counsel To Underclassmen

As we approach the 41st annual Worthington Christian Schools Commencement on Sunday, May 21, we’re putting the spotlight on two graduating seniors—giving you a snapshot of their past, their future, and a symbolic window into the lives of all 81 members of the Class of 2017. Last week we featured Chloe Denorme. This week the spotlight shines on Jayden Turner.

Age: 18

How long at WCS: Since freshman year—Jayden transferred to WCS after attending Harambee Christian School during his middle school years.

Family:  Mom Adrienne Hood; Dad Jerry Turner, Brother Henry Green; and Sister Skylah Green

Where’s home? Columbus

WCS house: Pax

College plans: Undecided. Expects to attend Biola University in La Mirada, Calif., or College of Wooster in Wooster, Ohio, where he intends to play college basketball.


  • Varsity basketball, 9th-12th grades; senior captain.
  • House leader, Pax.

Fun facts about Jayden: I used to do ballet. My mom put me in classes for flexibility and footwork because I played football, basketball, and ran track. It really helped!

High impact WCS experience: Coach Weakley had a really big influence on me—and the basketball team as a whole. Coach Weakley showed me what it was like to be a Christ-follower and still be competitive on the court. The basketball team showed me what it was like to have brothers, guys who don’t fully have your background but still accept you for who you are. Basketball has taught me a lot of life lessons. That there’s always a way, there’s always a solution, and always people you can depend on.

The other person who impacted me was Coach Jason Dawson (WCS ’06). He taught me to be a leader, to take hold of situations and to be responsible. He had a big impact on how I played, on my skill level and my ability.

What he’ll miss most about WCS: The family. The community of the school—faculty, students, people— just making sure you’re having a good day, making sure you’re OK. I appreciate that.

What life lessons has WCS taught you?: These four years have been a positive impact in my life. Helped me make connections I wouldn’t have been able to make. I’ve learned what it’s like to have people care about you, that love you, especially when my brother died. A lot of people came around and helped a lot, and supported me.

The school is an excellent school. WCS helped me get my foundation in Christ. The teachers’ focus is on you as a person. They make sure you get what you need. If you’re falling behind, if you don’t get it, they provide what you need inside and outside the classroom.

Any advice for WCS underclassmen?: Just be approachable and be willing to learn. Those two factors are key. If you’re not approachable, students won’t want to be your friend. Wanting to learn, taking things into your hands, if you don’t understand a lesson plan or something, try to reach out to the teacher. You’ll get out of it what you put into it.