Dear Prospective Warriors:


I would like to welcome you as you look to see if Worthington Christian Middle School is a “good fit” for your child. Middle school years are great years of personal growth and development for our children. Here at the middle school, we focus on building their character and growing and developing relationships. Relationships with our God, family, and friends!

Our desire is for each student to one day reflect back on these middle school years and recognize the growth that took place in and through him/her. These years may not necessarily be the easiest. Our hope is these are the years our middle school students learn to embrace challenges and see those challenges as opportunities of growth in oneself. We encourage each student to get “comfortable being uncomfortable” because that is where most growth will take place in him/her and ultimately for His glory!

We start our school day with devotion with our homeroom friends and teacher. The devotion is focused around His Word and our monthly character building theme, such as ownership, respect, and perseverance. Also, tied with the monthly theme is a “take action” activity which emphasizes the character trait. You will find that our God and His word is alive throughout the teaching and interactions within our classrooms.

Through personal character development, our student body is expected to take on more ownership for ones’ education and academic growth. We encourage our parents to allow their child to be that wise student seeking clarity from their teachers. We ask our students to take responsibility by checking RenWeb for homework and the monitoring of grades. One will make mistakes, and one will fail, and that’s ok. Through that experience, growth, and development is taking place in that person.

We are committed and see it as an opportunity to intentionally help each student become more. Our greatest growth comes from our failures or when we have messed up. As a middle school community, we use our life application formula E + R = O (Events + Response = Outcome). How did we grow from the event(s)? Such times as these did we choose to respond or react to the event? If we chose to respond, did we choose to respond in a Christ-like way through our thoughts, words, and actions? Or, did we choose to react in a non-Christ-like way through our thoughts, words, and actions? We help our students recognize we don’t always have control over the events, but we do have a choice in our response. I assure our students it’s not always easy to “press pause” to make the spirit-filled decision, but it will be worth it. Because of the choice made in the response, students recognize the acceptable outcome of the event. Students recognize consequences come with it, either positive or negative; and the compound effect of the outcome that will develop and grow oneself. With His presence, we are on this journey together and using a life application formula that we can never outgrow.

The formula E + R = O has found its way into many avenues of life. My husband Bill and I have found it to be a valuable formula for our family life as well. Our four children, Alexandra, Will, Ben, and Sam, live it out and recognize the opportunity to stretch, grow, and become more because of it. And as the varsity head coach of our Lady Warriors basketball team, it has also had a direct impact on my female athletes.

We also believe reflection time is an important piece of our students’ personal development. Each week, time is set aside during our chapel for our students to write in their reflection journals. Also at the end of each quarter, our students take a portion of their study hall time to intentionally reflect on what took place in “their world” – the personal growth that took place academically, athletically, spiritually, and relationally within that period.

We as a staff, consider it a blessing and privilege to walk along side our WC parents in molding and growing their child through these defining years. We will challenge, inspire, and love your child as well. I invite you to meet the Middle School Warrior Team – students, faculty and administration and experience the difference!

Proud to be a Warrior,

Tammi Evans
WCMS Principal

Email | 614-431-8230

P.S.  Visit the admissions pages to learn more about attending WCS.

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