WCS junior and fellow students are working hard to make a difference.


By Sarah (O’Donnell) Sanders (WCS ’86), WCS Contributing Writer

CeCi Dalton (WCS ’19) loves volleyball, basketball, taking pictures, and people. She is a hard worker, and when asked to organize fundraising events for the Dominican Republic, she jumped at the chance.

I asked CeCi a few questions about the upcoming Fall Festival & Art Fair she’s leading, along with help from fellow students.

How did you get the idea to organize this event?

I was asked at the end of last year to organize the fundraising events for the Dominican Republic as my project for leadership class this year. I had no idea how passionate I would become about this project. I agreed willingly last year, but I wasn’t super hyped about it. My perspective completely changed when I realized what I would be doing. I get to organize and run an event that raises money so that my peers can go on a ministry trip. This ministry trip will change lives. A lot of my friends are seniors this year, and I think it’s incredible that the Fall Festival and Art Fair funds will go towards their trip. I get the unique opportunity to help some of my best friends attend the trip of a lifetime. On top of that, the event itself will be so much fun! I was in contact with Erika Irvin, Dominican Republic event coordinator, this summer, and we talked about a fall event and what that would look like. We quickly landed on this festival idea, and I couldn’t imagine something better. A Fall Festival with carnival games, face painting, and delicious food including funnel cakes and fries sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon to me. Of course, I’m a little biased though!

What’s the motivation behind the event?

The motivation behind this event is to raise money for the ministries we partner with in the Dominican Republic. With the Fall Festival, we will be raising money that will benefit the class of 2018’s trip.

Did you contact students to create art specifically for this event?

Yes, I’ve been in communication with many art students for this Fall Festival and Art Fair. I’ve been asking them to donate any pieces that they have previously made or can create so that they can be sold, and I’ve had so many great responses. I can’t wait to see all the talent and variety displayed when it all comes together on October 14th.

Who will be working the games and serving the food?

Recently, I was given the opportunity to announce this project to the entire high school during an assembly. As a result of that, I’ve had many people sign up to either be a part of my committee or sign up as volunteers that can help me on the day of the event. So, to answer your question, a unique group of high school students will be working the games and serving the food at this event. We will also have some art students to do the face painting and more students to help set up and tear down. Baked goods are to be provided by the middle school! I think this is such a cool way to get the middle school involved in fundraising for a trip that they will eventually go on. We are looking for any scrumptious goodies that can be sold on October 14th at the festival!

How will the proceeds from the event be used?

The proceeds will directly benefit a local school in the Dominican Republic to purchase supplies such as art supplies, sports equipment, puppets, sound equipment and craft supplies.

What do you hope to accomplish/experience when you go on the trip?

I can’t wait to attend the Dominican Republic trip when I go at the end of my senior year (spring of 2019). I’m so excited to serve the Lord and love on the kids there, but I’m also happy to do those things with my classmates. I want to learn and see how they serve the Lord because I think it is so interesting the various strengths that God places in every human. I also can’t wait to hear the telling of events from the seniors that go on the trip this year. I want to hear how they impacted others and how the trip has impacted them. I know that God has worked and will continue to work through this ministry trip, so I’m excited to see all that will happen!

What are your plans for next year?

Next year I will be a senior in high school which is crazy! I literally can’t believe that. I will be involved in volleyball and basketball and possibly an internship. I hope that I am leading and loving others. It’ll be a year of a lot of lasts, but it will be the year of my first trip to the Dominican Republic. I’m so lucky to work so directly with the trip because it makes me so excited! It’s going to be amazing!

Mark your calendar now to attend the Fall Festival & Art Fair presented by the WCS Class of 2018. This family event is open to the entire WCS community and will be held Saturday, October 14, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., in the Administration Center Auditorium (6675 Worthington-Galena Road). All proceeds will be used to purchase ministry supplies that the seniors will use when they head to the Dominican Republic for their capstone experience March 15-23.



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