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Worthington Christian Schools is an amazing place to serve. What makes it so amazing is our people! We encourage each faculty, staff and administrative employee to use and develop the gifts that God has given them. As a certified “Best Christian Workplace” (Best Christian Workplace Institute), WCS is committed to providing an environment where your success is our passion. Below is a list of four qualities that we look for. Please take a minute to learn more about what it means to be a WCS Warrior.

SINCERELY CALLED:  We seek those who are called by God and understand the big picture of ministry, how each person’s role is unique and valued. It is the motivating factor that pushes us to go the extra mile and invest ourselves in the mission of the school.

SPIRITUALLY MATURE: We seek those with a personal, vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ exhibited through the fruits of the spirit, an active church life, and a commitment to live a biblical lifestyle.

SPECIFICALLY PREPARED: We seek those who have specifically prepared themselves for serving in the Christian school through education, licensure and experience. Proper preparation is an affirmation on the calling that one has received as well as a positive testimony in the community that WCS seeks the most qualified candidates possible.

SUITABLE FIT: We seek those who will seamlessly assimilate themselves into what makes us a unique choice for top talent, our culture. Words and phrases used to describe our culture include caring, warm, encouraging, positive, excellence, relationships, hard working, supportive and God-honoring.  

Are you a Warrior?  If you answered “yes” to the statements above then please complete an online application. For teaching or administrative positions please send resumes, licenses, certifications and transcripts separately via email, fax or regular mail. We look forward to hearing from you.

Worthington Christian Schools is now accepting employment applications for the following positions:


  • Human Resources Director – What do you think about when you hear the word “serve?” How about the word “results?” What if you could combine serving others with strategic results that would further the mission and vision of Worthington Christian Schools? If that sounds like a great opportunity please take a minute to review the attached job description to see if you meet the requirements to be the next HR Director for WC. Should you meet the minimum requirements, please complete the application and submit your resume with any transcripts or certifications for review. A great benefit package does apply.     Job Description     Application


  • The Grace Early Childhood Center is looking for part-time staff to give lunch breaks for the full-time staff members. The hours are from 11:00 – 3:00 weekdays. If you are interested please email louann.thompson@gracepolaris.org for a job application.
  • Bus Driver – If you love being around kids and enjoy driving, why not do both and get paid for it? WC is currently seeking an activities/athletics bus driver. This is a great opportunity for someone with flexibility in their schedule. Benefits do not apply. Please see job description for minimum requirements.     Job Description     Application
  • Bus Mechanic – Do you enjoy working with your hands? The smell of diesel in the morning? Enjoy being part of a team? If so, the Transportation Department is looking for you. This is a 15-20 hours per week position with flexible days and/or hours. Benefits do not apply. Please see job description for minimum requirements.  Job Description     Application


  • Substitute Teachers – Must be degreed, licensed and have the necessary availability and flexibility.  Job Description   Application


Want to serve at WCS but concerned about your student loans? Did you know that some student loans can be forgiven by teaching in a non-profit Christian school? See Loan Forgiveness or go to https://studentaid.ed.gov/repay-loans/forgiveness-cancellation/public-service for more information

Please email Mike Kremnitzer, Director of Human Resources, or call 614-410-4298 for additional information on any of the positions above.