Our academic program is the heart of Worthington Christian Schools; our curriculum is designed to challenge students to integrate their faith and learning in all subject areas.   WCS follows foundational principles of instruction and curriculum that flow from a biblical worldview, recognizing that a student’s academic growth is a vital component of his/her Christian discipleship.

The key to this academic program is our faculty.  Each WCS teachers understands that modeling through relationship is essential for growth in Christian character. They believe the best education is one where parents and teachers work together supporting students from both sides.

Our faculty are life-long learners – never ceasing to get better at the art and science of teaching.  We like to refer to them as Living Curriculum teachers – followers of Christ, trusted and respected by students. WCS faculty members are motivated to motivate. They take time with students one-on-one. To see a student end up serving God, using his or her gifts clearly within the will of God, provides an indescribable joy to our instructors.