School Counseling



We look forward to serving you and your student during these important high school years. Our comprehensive school counseling program is based on the American School Counselor Association National Model. The program uses a systematic approach to address the issues that create barriers to student success.


To be an advocate for students by providing a comprehensive school counseling program that supports the WCHS administrative team, teachers, parents and community in the academic, career, social/ emotional and spiritual development of all WCHS students.

Services include:

Classroom Guidance
1. Study skills
2. Understanding self and others through temperament
3. Career awareness and planning
4. Post-secondary planning and application process
5. Substance abuse education
6. Multicultural/diversity awareness
Individual Student Planning
1. Academic plans
2. Career plans
3. Developing personal goals
Responsive Services
1. Individual counseling
2. Small group counseling
3. Crisis counseling


Please contact Nancy Secrest at 614-410-4306