Middle School

Education is the process of discovering and applying truth to one’s life. Our Creator has demonstrated the vastness of His creativity in forming each person as a unique individual with varying needs and abilities. The educational experiences provided by a Bible-based curriculum are avenues through which these areas begin to be met. The educational process at Worthington Christian Schools provides opportunities for students to develop their God-given abilities and interests in ways which can serve Him.

Worthington Christian Middle School (WCMS) serves grades six through eight. We are staffed by mature Christian teachers who are certified by the State of Ohio and hold a keen interest in the lives of young people and seeing them develop their God-given abilities.

We consider the Bible as the basis for all truth; therefore, it is integrated into each subject area. Also, a separate Bible class is taught at each grade level. Weekly chapels provide opportunities for all students to reinforce scriptural principles and praise the Lord in the midst of a busy week.

Special education services are available to WCMS students diagnosed with learning disabilities and other learning difficulties.