Why WCS?

Often as parents are considering joining the Worthington Christian Schools (WCS) community, we are asked, “Why choose WCS over all of the other optionsAdmissions Buttons-2 available?  So we asked our families and students why they chose to become a part of all that WCS has to offer. Here’s their top 10 responses:

  1. WCS follows foundational principles of instruction and curriculum that flow from a biblical worldview, recognizing that a student’s academic growth is a vital component of his/her Christian discipleship.
  2. WCS implements a rigorous K-12 academic program which ranges from enrichment and intervention programs at the elementary level to Advanced Placement classes and internship opportunities at the high school level.
  3. WCS hires and retains highly qualified and recognized faculty members who are committed to the development of the whole child.Admissions Buttons-1
  4. WCS continues to nurture an award-winning fine and performing arts program that engages our student’s talents.
  5. WCS has built up 17 interscholastic athletic programs in middle and high school that foster teamwork, leadership and servanthood.
  6. WCS hosts weekly chapels that provide a time of focused discipleship and communal worship.
  7. WCS utilizes an outstanding web-based academic management tool that provides real-time information for parents and students on their academic progress and status.
  8. WCS provides opportunities for community involvement and ministry that are an important component of the school calendar.
  9. WCS maintains a small enough environment so that teachers know their students and students develop lifelong friendships but large enough to provide a wide variety of student programs.
  10. WCS forges partnerships with parents based upon a shared Christian vision for the growth of their children.