Why Wait?

There is a lot to consider when deciding if WCS is right for your family.Admissions Buttons-1

Can I afford it? 

Is the drive worth it?

Is now the best time, or should I just wait until high school?

Many families just like you have wrestled with these very same questions. Here’s what they’ve learned.Admissions Buttons-2

“I’m often asked why I drive so many miles every day to take our children to Worthington Christian Schools – especially when we have a good school right down the street. For our family, it’s not about convenience; it’s about conviction. We want to ensure our kids are fully equipped intellectually and spiritually. And for us, Worthington Christian Schools has proven to be the perfect partner to foster their growth.”

Kennington Bordas, WCS Parent

“Families in our neighborhood often ask –why send your kids to Worthington Christian Schools when you’re in a district with excellent schools and within walking distance? Why not wait until middle or high school? For us, the answer is simple: we want our children challenged academically and spiritually, and we believe there’s no better school in central Ohio to offer both than Worthington Christian School.”

Julie Smolenski, WCS Parent

“I always knew I wanted my girls to attend Worthington Christian Schools. But honestly, I didn’t know how I could afford it. A friend encouraged me to pray about my situation, map out a family budget and apply for financial aid. By following that advice, I qualified for assistance and have been able to make Worthington Christian a reality for my daughters. Sure, I’ve made some sacrifices along the way, but it definitely has been worth it.”

Melanie Watts, WCS Parent