Musical Arts

The objective of Worthington Christian Schools’ music program is to expose every child to multiple aspects of music, to enrich the WCS community with a healthy and vibrant artistic culture, and to glorify God as we strive for excellence in the development of the musical gifts He has given.

WCS’s goal in the elementary school is for children to gain a foundational understanding of musical  concepts such as worship, rhythm, tempo, harmony, pitch, composers and dynamics. Our elementary strings program, which begins at the third grade level, boasts a 38 percent participation rate.  Students are given opportunities to perform at events like our annual Christmas chapel, WCS’s annual winter and spring concerts.  Ultimately, we want to instill a love for music in each child.  Students begin to understand that God calls us to worship Him and music is a special way that we can praise and glorify Him.

Unlike many middle schools programs, students at WCMS can participate in more than one music program simultaneously. Each discipline includes education in worship, pedagogy, theory, solfege and music history and appreciation.  Music becomes more advanced focusing on vocal and instrumental, worship, pedagogy, solfege, theory, history and music appreciation. Students are given many opportunities to grow as musicians by participating in various performances including music ministry opportunities to local nursing homes and WCS’s annual Christmas and spring concerts as well as competitions through both Ohio Music Education Association (OMEA) and Association of Christian Schools International (ASCI).

  • Mixed Choir; Open to all students in grades six to eight
  • Concert Band; Open to all students in grades six to eight
  • Praise and Worship Teams; Open to all students in grades seven and eight
  • Orchestra; Open to all students in grades six to eight

The WCHS music program focuses primarily on performance skills with repertoire becoming more advanced. Students continue to learn more advanced music theory concepts as well as music history and solfege, and are given many opportunities to perform and sharpen their skills through the following groups:

  • Men’s Choir; Open all male students in grades nine to 12
  • Women’s Choir; Open to all female students in grades nine to 12
  • Mixed Choir; Combined men’s and women’s choir
  • Select Ensembles; By audition for students in grades nine to 12
  • Show Choir; By audition for students in grades nine to 12
  • Concert Band; Open to all students in grades nine to 12
  • Chamber Strings; Open to all students in grades nine to 12
  • Praise and Worship Teams; Open to all students in grades nine to 12

Our various high school music groups give annual Christmas and spring concert performances as well as performances in the local community.  Competitions through the OMEA help students to hone their performance skills with an assessment process that ensures students meet high academic expectations.