Handbook & Forms

So you want to play sports at WCS? Great! Nearly 70 percent of WCMS and WCHS students are involved in the athletic program. The philosophy that drives other schools and club athletics can vary significantly. That’s why it’s important to take time to read the WCS Athletic Handbook to better understand our philosophy, guiding principles, and standards.


Your student’s health and safety are of utmost importance. Before he/she may participate in athletics at WCS, including summer workouts, camps, practices, etc., the Athletic Department must have required consent and health forms on file. Please note that the five forms listed below are not to be upload to PrivIT. Rather download, sign, and submit to the Athletic Department.

Forms Required for Students Participating in WCS Athletics for the First Time 

Forms Required for Students Each School Year

A note to prospective WCS students. Before you may participate in any WCS-sponsored athletic activities including workouts, practices, camps, etc., you must be an enrolled student and have paid your enrollment deposit.


All athletes in grades 7-12 are required by the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) to submit a physical exam report each year prior to being eligible to participate in practices or contests. This is an OHSAA rule, not a WCS rule. In addition, the OHSAA has contracted with PrivIt to provide an online method of submitting and storing the exam reports. This online method will allow, for instance, emergency room doctors to pull up the information if a student were receiving treatment after being injured during a contest.