Jamie Cleverley (WCS ’95)

Our prayer for our kids is that they love God and love others, and we believe WCS helps support our family in nurturing that growth.  We also appreciate how the strong academic curriculum, biblical worldview, and loving environment gives our kids a strong foundation to succeed in life.

Jeremy Slagle (WCS ’93)

As a kid, I attended multiple Christian schools. Without a doubt, WCHS was the best of them. I arrived in 1990 as a sophomore from California. I was immediately accepted, nurtured, and found it very easy to fit in with a group of like-minded kids and was given opportunities that were unavailable at previous schools.[…]

Ralph and Misha Johnson (WCS Parents)

When they decided to enroll their children Sam (WCS ‘24) and Gracie (WCS ‘26) into WCS two years ago, Ralph and Misha Johnson expanded their family circle by a thousand aunts and uncles. Ralph Johnson said he sees the school’s atmosphere as being one gigantic family. “It’s a group of people you feel comfortable around[…]

Cameron Lawrence (WCS ’16)

You might not find a photo of Cameron Lawrence (WCS ’16) in the Worthington Christian High School Sports Hall of Fame. Those are reserved for the students who were named to the all-state teams or won state championships. Since transferring to WCS before his sophomore year, Lawrence spent more time on the bench than he[…]

Scott and Laura Kaiser (WCS Parents)

When their son Cole was in kindergarten, Scott and Laura Kaiser realized two things: the first was their son was a struggling reader and the second was the public school he was attending wasn’t giving him the help he needed. That began to change when he enrolled at Worthington Christian Elementary School. “We had a[…]

Ethan Houts (WCS ’07)

At Worthington Christian Schools, textbooks are necessary. But what you learn from the teachers can be life changing. Ask Ethan Houts, a member of the Class of 2007. “The curriculum is important, but I was impacted by my personal relationships with teachers,” says Houts. “Teachers’ realness and open nature are what impacted me.” “WCS has[…]

Joel Godsey (WCS ’18)

If all the world’s a stage, as William Shakespeare contends, then God is the ultimate director. Being a part of WCS’ theater program has helped prepare Joel Godsey (WCS ’18) for what God wants him to do in the future. “When you’re in a play, the director will go ‘You should do this for this[…]

Isaac Myhal (WCS ’22)

Switching schools, especially right before starting middle school, can be a pretty daunting task.  Just ask Isaac Myhal (WCS ’22) who came to WCS right before entering the sixth grade. Myhal said the students and teachers at Worthington Christian Middle School helped those first few awkward weeks in a new school very easy. “I was[…]

Ashley Belkofer (WCS ’17)

Between her fifth and sixth grade year, Ashley Belkofer (WCS ’17) was hit with two life-changing blows. On May 18, 2010, her father, Lt. Col. Thomas Belkofer was killed in a suicide bombing attack on his convoy in Kabul, Afghanistan. In the months that followed, Belkofer and her mother Margo and her sister Alyssa (WCS[…]

Sarah Sharp (WCS ’14)

As a cross country runner, Sarah Sharp (WCS ’14) knows the importance of getting off to a strong start. Sharp, who runs both cross country and track at Carson-Newman University in Jefferson City, Tenn., feels like attending Worthington Christian Schools gave her a head start on her classmates. “Honestly, I feel like the classes I’ve[…]