Thirty Year Employee Recognized

Mrs. Kathy Kanzeg served at WCS for 30-plus years. During that time, Mrs. Kanzeg formed numerous relationships with students and families which have continued well beyond graduation. “Mrs. Kanzeg is a good friend to so many,” notes her #WeAreWC nominator. “Her care and concern for students extends beyond the classrooms.” Thank you, Mrs. Kanzeg, for[…]

Volunteer’s Initiative A Blessing

WCS parent Cindy Kirkley has volunteered in the WCES Library for several years. She spends about four hours a week serving students and doing whatever is needed to keep the library running smoothly. “Cindy does so many things. I appreciate how when she sees a need she jumps in and takes care of it without[…]

School Counselor Wears Many Hats

Mrs. Nancy Secrest wears many hats at WCHS. As the school counselor, Mrs. Secrest works with students on their academic plans, career objectives, personal goals, as well as offering guidance on a host of issues that may be barriers to a student’s success. “Mrs. Secrest puts in many hours to make sure students are well served,”[…]

Library Volunteer Described As ‘Selfless’

Judy Walters’ daughter hasn’t been an elementary student for three years. In fact, Hannah is headed to the high school in August. Judy, who started volunteering at the elementary school when Hannah was in attendance, has continued working in the WCES library every Friday. “Not only doesn’t Judy have a student at the elementary school,[…]