Elementary School

The most recent Lunch Menus can be found under the QUICKLINKS tab in the menu under Lunch Menus.


  • Full lunch including milk is $2.75.
  • Milk Only (White, Chocolate or Strawberry) $0.60
  • 2016-17 Pricing Sheet


1. Students order milk or lunch through their classroom teacher each morning.
2. Teachers pass out a lunch or milk card to students before heading to the cafeteria.
3. Students hang their coats on the racks outside the lunchroom before getting into line.
4. Students scan their card, get milk choice, utensils, necessary condiments, and lunch tray.
5. Students are not permitted to trade or ask for other student’s food.
6. All food must be eaten in the cafeteria.
7. Talking is to be kept in a low, inside voice.
8. Students are dismissed by raising their hand and excused by an adult leader. Students throw away all their trash and clean up their immediate eating area.
9. Once dismissed, students exit at the west door, get their coats, put their lunch box in their class bin and go directly to the playground.
10. Microwaves are available for fourth and fifth grades only. A two minute maximum use per student is required to ensure all students have the opportunity to use the microwave.


In addition to purchasing lunch and milk, fourth and fifth grade students may order additional a la carte items from the daily menu. Items may be ordered in the class through their teacher on RenWeb each morning, as well with parental permission. We do not allow additional purchases of “treat” items (i.e. cookies, sherbet, etc.) If you do not want your student making extra item purchases, please communicate that directly with your student. Fourth and fifth grade students may also purchase leftover items, if available. At the end of lunch service, an announcement made if there are items available for purchase. These items are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.


A word about Allergies