High School

The most recent Lunch Menus can be found under the QUICKLINKS tab in the menu under Lunch Menus.


 2016-17 Pricing Sheet


1. Students are required to have their student ID card to make a purchase.
2. No book bags, coats, or jackets permitted in the food service line.
3. WCHS has a “closed lunch” policy. This means that students are not permitted to leave campus during lunch except with their own parents or certain persons (pastor, coach, sibling) authorized in advance by a written note from a parent. If a parent wishes to pick up his/her student for lunch, that parent should follow the procedure for early dismissal.
4. During Lunch A or B, students may eat in the cafeteria, the multipurpose room, or the outdoor picnic area. During block lunches, students may also eat in the hallways.
5. Students are required to clean up after themselves.
6. Microwaves are available for student use.


Find the most recent lunch menus under QUICKLINKS- Lunch Menus