Middle School

The most recent Lunch Menus can be found under the QUICKLINKS tab in the menu under Lunch Menus.


1. Students will order lunch during homeroom. If a student doesn’t place his/her order during homeroom, lunch is not guaranteed.
2. Students are not to have book bags or coats in the lunch serving line.
3. Students are required to have their lunch ID card with them in order to purchase items.
4. Students are not permitted to ask other students for lunch items or to purchase food for them.
5. Students are required to leave the table area clean and orderly. Please take all trash and utensils to the proper place.
6. Students are assigned a particular table to clean in a rotation.
7. Microwaves are available for student use. Maximum 2 minute time limit please.

Students are permitted to leave campus for lunch only with their parent(s) or with an adult for whom the student’s parents has granted permission to the office.