School Uniforms

Worthington Christian Schools (WCS) is part of the enthusiastic growth and use of school uniforms by private and public schools across the country. The use of school uniforms, as opposed to the latest fashions, eliminates unnecessary competition in dress and focuses the attention on learning and growing.

WCS school uniforms must be purchased through either Lands’ End or School Closet. The WCS number for Lands’ End is 900126723 and can be used either online or at any Sears Department Store. School Closet has both online ordering or two Columbus locations from which to choose.

SHARE THE WAREScreen Shot 2015-07-31 at 11.40.10 AM

A popular service of the Parent-Teacher Fellowship (PTF) is Share the Ware. It’s an opportunity for families to donate outgrown or no longer used clean, gently used school uniforms, Warrior wear and gear. These items are then sold at a Share the Ware sale to other families at a price far less than retail.

Donations are accepted year-round at all campuses during regular office hours. Watch The WCS Weekly and All-School Announcements on the WCS website and app sale dates.