Shuttle Bus Schedule

With three separate campuses,WCS offers shuttle service each morning and afternoon.  The current schedule is listed below.  For questions relative to transportation, or to inquire about items left/lost on school buses, please contact our Transportation Supervisor, Tracy Ruff, at 614.410.3253.
HS — High School (front bus loop)
MS — Family Center North Doors (bus lane)
ES — Elementary School (front bus loop)
GP — Grace Powell  (parking lot)
8:00 am   arrive @ MS            
8:05 am   leave MS            
8:20 am   arrive @ HS                             
8:25 am   leave HS                                 
8:40 am   arrive @ ES     
08:15 am   arrive @  MS    
08:20 am   leave  MS 
08:45 am   arrive @  ES          
AFTERNOON SHUTTLE                                  
3:00 pm   arrive @ HS                                            
3:05 pm   leave HS                                                 
3:15 pm   arrive @ MS                                            
3:20 pm   leave MS                                                 
3:30 pm   arrive @ HS                                             
3:31 pm   leave HS
3:40 pm   arrive @ ES
3:45 pm   leave ES        
3:55 pm   arrive @ HS                                            
3:58 pm   leave HS                                                 
4:10 pm   arrive @ MS                                        
AM GRACE POWELL SHUTTLE                                        
7:50 am   arrive @ Grace Powell Church
8:00 am   leave Grace
8:25 am   arrive @ MS*
8:30 am   leave MS*
8:50 am   arrive @ ES  
3:15 pm   arrive @ MS
3:20 pm   leave MS
3:40 pm   arrive @ ES
3:45 pm   leave ES
4:15 pm   arrive @ Grace Powell
2 HOUR DELAYS – Please add 2 hours to these scheduled times
*The Powell Shuttle will drop off at the Kindergarten and Middle School in the morning but for safety issues for the children this will be a drop off only no students will be permitted to board the bus.