Shuttle Bus Schedule

With three separate campuses,WCS offers shuttle service each morning and afternoon.  The current schedule is listed below.  For questions regarding transportation, or to inquire about items left/lost on school buses, please contact Tracy Ruff, transportation supervisor, at 614-410-3253.

WCHS – High School (front bus loop)
WCMS – Family Center North Doors (bus lane)
WCES – Elementary School (front bus lane)
Grace Powell  (parking lot)
7:50 am   Arrive WCMS            
8:00 am   Leave WCMS            
8:15 am   Arrive WCHS                             
8:25 am   Leave WCHS                                 
8:40 am   Arrive WCES   
8:15 am   Arrive WCMS    
8:20 am   Leave WCMS 
8:45 am   Arrive WCES  
AFTERNOON SHUTTLE                                  
3:00 pm   Arrive WCHS                                            
3:05 pm   Leave WCHS                                                 
3:15 pm   Arrive WCMS                                            
3:20 pm   Leave WCMS                                                 
3:30 pm   Arrive WCHS                                             
3:31 pm   Leave WCHS
3:40 pm   Arrive WCES
3:45 pm   Leave WCES        
3:55 pm   Arrive WCHS                                            
3:58 pm   Leave WCHS                                                 
4:10 pm   Arrive WCMS 
MORNING GRACE POWELL SHUTTLE                                        
7:35 am   Arrive Grace Powell 
7:45 am   Leave Grace Powell
8:12 am   Arrive WCHS
8:20 am   Leave WCHS
8:28 am   Arrive WCMS   
3:15 pm   Arrive WCMS
3:20 pm   Leave WCMS
3:30 pm   Arrive WCHS
3:40 pm   Arrive WCES
3:45 pm   Leave WCES
4:15 pm   Arrive Grace Powell
Should classes be on a two hour delay, add two hours to the regular bus schedule.