Dear Prospective Warriors:

Thank you for looking into Worthington Christian Elementary School (WCES) as a possible place to enroll your child. WCES is a school that partners with parents to plant foundational educational components and fosters an environment where those can take root. This indeed is a place where a child can grow in every aspect of life; academic, social/emotional and spiritual.

WCES is an accepting, warm and inviting place for young students to begin their scholastic journey in Worthington Christian Schools (WC). Each year it seems like a group of graduating seniors from WCHS return to the elementary school and share fond memories of events from the playground, from the field house, or the classroom. Please realize this is not a perfect place. We are a school of immature, self-centered, sinful beings who are maturing each day because of Jesus. Even with that WCES most certainly is a place of growth and beginnings. Honestly, it is not the bricks and mortar that fuel this but rather the relationships that are forged with friends, families, and faculty all blending to create community.

Serving alongside the elementary faculty and staff members is such a blessing. They are some of the most dedicated, selfless, and professional individuals I have ever encountered. Perfect? No, but each one very much desires that every student grows and develops into a mature follower of Jesus that can engage our world with substantial, meaningful Christian thought. They understand that this does not happen quickly or even by the end of 5th grade. They embrace that student growth occurs individually and at the pace, the Holy Spirit governs along with the effort put forth by the student. Faculty members work to create a safe place where students can grow in learning.

Another exciting component is that WCES is a community where families, faculty, and staff agree that Jesus is Savior and that the Bible is relevant to all of our lives, including elementary age children. You see every human is created in the image of God yet original sin separates us from the Father, and we need a Savior. WCES is a place where students regularly hear that Jesus is the real deal.

I so appreciate the fact that you are considering WCES. Please know that if your child is enrolled, you will hear a phrase in quite a few different iterations from me – prepare the child for the path not the path for the child. As parents, we are called to prepare our kids for life, and the fact is that life is not fair. When painful events happen in your child’s world, don’t be too quick to rescue them. Be a guide for them to help them navigate those waters. Many times the pain is a mechanism for growth in their lives that is sovereignly used by God and we as parents can indeed stunt their complete development by regularly stepping in too quickly. Also, as parents, we must adopt that our child is a sinner in need of salvation. If we embrace this fact it will be easier to be their parent because it is then not about their performance but rather their spiritual heart condition.

My wife, Terri, and I learned these same lessons as our two children, Andrew and Rachel, navigated being ‘lifers’ at WC. Today, as they are young adults, Terri and I still remind each other of these truths because as parents we all love our kids genuinely yet we cannot live our lives through them but we need to allow them to develop into who God created them to be.

Thanks again for checking out WCES. It is a great place to learn and grow together!

Proud to be a Warrior,

Jim Parrish
Assistant Head of School & WCES Principal

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