A bright past is worth little without an investment in the future.

You’re likely familiar with the term “capital campaign.” A capital campaign is an intensive, organized, fundraising effort to secure gifts for a specific capital project like facilities. Unlike annual gifts or annual campaigns, capital gifts are pledged and paid over a specific period of time usually three to five years.

The WC Fund is the direct lifeline of the school. We won’t succeed if we obtain capital gifts at the expense of annual gifts. That’s like moving money from one pocket to another. Capital campaigns allow WC to grow on while the WC Fund allows us to live on.

WC is in the midst of its first solo capital campaign entitled Forward. Together. to consolidate, realign, renovate, and construct facilities.

Forward. Together.

The master facilities plan outlined in WCS’ 2015-2020 Strategic Plan is a $12 million-plus project that is sequential. What this means is one project must be completed before another can begin. Hence, the plan will be accomplished in two phases.

Phase 1

  1. Enter into a long-term lease agreement with Grace Polaris Church for 30-acres of land and facilities, including 75,000 square feet of classroom space. (Completed July 2017)
  2. Move WCMS out of the modular buildings into the newly leased facilities. (Completed August 2017)
  3. Begin construction on a 30,000 square foot addition of educational space on the northwest quadrant of the current middle school. Upon completion, the new construction, in addition to the existing facilities, will become the new high school named in memory of Tom Anglea.
  4. Move WCMS to the current WCHS.
  5. Relocate the kindergarten to the Administration Center.

Forward Together Floor Plan

Phase 2

  1. Add the second addition to the high school (North Campus) to accommodate seventh and eighth grades. The high school will become the Upper School.
  2. Expands the middle school (South Campus) to accommodate grades one to six. The elementary school plus sixth grade will make up the Lower School.
  3. Sell the Westview property.
  4. Complete stadium renovations.