With the start of a new school year just a few weeks away, your calendar is starting to fill up. The comprehensive All-School Calendar, which is posted on the school website and also viewable on the WCS app, has several features to make sure you don’t miss a beat.

Customize Your View

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 5.44.38 PMIf you’re using a computer or tablet to look at the calendar on the school website, you will see all the events scheduled for the month. Select another view by clicking the icon in the upper, right-hand corner.

For users of the WCS app or those who view the website via a smartphone, the calendar appears in the agenda view.

 Use Categories and Tags to See Only the Events You Want

You can further customize your calendar view by using categories and tags. Here’s how it works.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 5.56.35 PM


Categories allow you to see all the activities associated with a particular campus. For example, if you select Middle School (WCMS), the calendar refreshes only to show you middle school activities, as well as all-school events you won’t want to miss like holidays, end of the grading period, etc. If you have students on more than one campus, you can select several categories at one time.

Middle and high school athletics also have a category. This feature is handy for families who follow the Warriors and want to see all the scheduled contests.


Tags are used for each sports team. Tags allow parents, grandparents, and fans of a particular team to just view that team’s schedule.

Categories and tags should be used independently of one another. If used together, the category activities will not appear.

Subscribe and Get Updates and Changes Automatically

Subscribing to the WCS calendar saves you time. You may subscribe to the categories and tags you want, and when changes or additions are made, your calendar will update automatically.

Let’s say you have a high school student who plays boys varsity soccer. Select High School (WCHS) under categories and then click Subscribe to Filtered Calendar. Next, click Boys Varsity Soccer under tags and then click Subscribe to Filtered Calendar.Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 5.51.40 PM

You may subscribe to as many calendars as you wish. If you have children at more than one campus, select all the categories you want before clicking Subscribe to Filtered Calendar (if you want to see all the events on one calendar). Likewise, if you have students playing on different teams, click Tags, select all the team schedules to which you want to subscribe, and then click Subscribe to Filtered Calendar. Remember, Categories and Tags should be used independently of one another. If used together, the category activities will not appear.

After subscribing to the calendar, you may need to configure or permit the calendar to appear on your personal device. Learn more about subscribing to a calendar by watching this brief video.