WCHS Student Wins Local Award for His Christmas Lights Display

By Laura Fitzpatrick, Contributing Writer

WC junior Josh Stanfield’s house is easy to spot this time of year. With over 10,000 Christmas lights on display all synchronized to a pre-programmed, radio-broadcast music show, it has drawn the attention of not only his neighborhood but the entire city of Columbus.

Josh’s journey to creating an annual Christmas wonderland in his yard started when he was in third grade. His dad got sick the weekend they had planned to put up some Christmas lights in front of their home, so Josh took it upon himself to put them up and has continued to do so ever since. As a young boy, he watched a video of a house with Christmas lights that “danced” to a music program and he was enthralled. So four years ago, he decided to try his hand at developing his own lights show.

In order to create a light show orchestrated to music, Josh began teaching himself how to use computer software to program his Christmas lights display to music as a middle school student. With help from his dad to program the first song that year, Josh took it over from there. Since that time, he has learned the ins and outs and updates of multiple software programs to develop his lights display.

He spends at least 24 hours over the summer months using the 15 programs within the software to carefully craft his musical lights show. This year, he spent three weeks setting up the display. He started running the shows on November 19 and will keep it on display through January 2. The result is a beautiful, high-energy 23-minute synchronized dancing light show. All of his hard work is certainly paying off, in multiple ways.

Just last Friday, Josh’s display was featured on 10TV news as a winner of their “Let It Glow” Christmas lights contest. Because he was selected as a winner, he was interviewed live and the weather forecast aired live from his house, and he was awarded tickets to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra perform. He is also entered to win their grand prize: the chance to meet the TSO and take home an autographed guitar. Josh describes what is just as rewarding as all the public recognition. He explains, “It’s really felt amazing to see the impact it’s had on our community.” He describes being inspired by the many people that come and enjoy the lights display. He says, “I want to make everyone’s Christmas feel special and if I can do that for even a couple of people, that makes me very very happy.”

Congratulations, Josh, and thanks for making Christmas brighter!

Enjoy this recording of Josh’s live TV appearance on 10TV news (specifically minutes 0:15-0:55, 1:55-2:45, 4:38-6:20, 7:15-7:50, 9:15-10:05, 15:35-17:00). If you’d like to see his display in person, visit 5362 Polar Drive, Lewis Center, OH 43035, between 5:30-8:30p.m. on weekdays or 5:30-11:30p.m. on weekends and tune your car radio to 88.3 FM.