Jesus instructed his closest followers as recorded in John 13:35, “By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

February is a month often-associated with love since Valentine’s Day sits right in the middle of it. February is also nationally recognized as Black History Month. In a society that is riddled with division, we desire for WC to be a community that experiences and practices the radical love of Jesus. A natural by-product of this radical love is unity.

Last year, a number of students joined together to form a student organization called the “United Front.”  The goal of the organization is to celebrate the unity we have as members of the body of Christ, and at the same time discover the many ways we are different because of our ethnic, cultural, economic and religious backgrounds. Last year they held discussion groups and cultural days that were informative, fun and well-received. More of the same is planned for this semester.

In the spirit of love and in observance of Black History Month, a small group of WCHS students in conjunction with United Front has chosen “Embracing Unity In Our Community” as the theme for the month of February. One of the ways this theme will be celebrated is through a special chapel at the high school on February 13. This chapel will include a diverse student-led discussion panel and traditional spiritual songs. It will be followed by a soul food tasting at lunch in the high school.

The student-organizers have also created a commemorative shirt which students will be permitted to wear to school that day. The shirt design symbolizes unity and togetherness along with diversity. Youth and adult sizes are available, but there is no pressure to purchase one of these shirts. Dr. Buzz explains, “This (purchasing the commemorative t-shirt) is an extra thing that folks can do if they want. Buying or not buying a shirt says nothing about anything except wanting or not wanting to own a shirt!”

If you are interested in purchasing a commemorative shirt, click here. The deadline to order is Tuesday, January 29, and the shirts will be delivered by February 13.

Stay tuned to the school’s website and Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts in the month of February to join us in celebrating unity here at WC!