By Troy McIntosh, Head of School

I have attended several alumni events in the last few weeks, and the connections that our alumni share across generations always strikes me. Aside from the common bond of faith, there is a vast amount of experiences that our alumni share even if their time at WC was decades apart. These shared experiences—a teacher, class, coach, drama production or song, chapel, bus ride, or trip—all of these things form a powerful connection among alumni.

Today’s WC students are increasingly diverse. Brethren, Presbyterians, Baptists, Calvinists, Wesleyans, and dozens of denominational flavors populate the community. Ethnic and racial diversity brings a colorful blessing to our campus. Socio-economic boundaries are crossed as students across the wealth spectrum sit side-by-side with each other to learn or to play ball on the playground. Disagreements sometimes occur as we sort through a variety of parenting, cultural, and even political perspectives. And yet, the common experience of WC, rooted in the nature of Christ, transcends these differences.

There is a unity among us that is so often expressed and is so unique to WC that I consider it one of the great strengths and blessings of our school. We learn and grow with each other as we engage with and share these experiences with fellow classmates, parents, and staff. It is enriching when the full body of Christ is revealed to us, and we experience it as it was meant to be: a glimpse of that future moment when we all join in heaven with members of every nation, social group, and denomination, rich, poor, strong and weak to extol the glory of God with full knowledge and understanding. I’m glad that WC gives me a shadow of that experience ahead of time.

[Editor’s note: For the month of February, in the spirit of love and in observance of Black History Month, “Embracing Unity In Our Community” will be the focus of the month. This theme will be celebrated in various ways throughout February, including a special student-led chapel at the high school on February 13. Stay tuned to the school’s website and FacebookInstagram, and Twitter accounts to join us in celebrating unity here at WC! #WCelebrateUnity]