Worthington Christian Schools will be closed today February 1 due to weather.

•    This closure announcement is for today only, unless otherwise noted. If proceeding days need to be canceled, you will receive separate notification. Closures and delays are announced via email, school web site, social media, and local TV and radio outlets. Each of the local TV stations allows you to sign up for text alerts that you will receive to your phone when we notify the station of a cancellation or delay.

•    Any school work that was due today is expected to be due tomorrow or the first day back to school.

•    If WC is open on a particular day, but another local district that provides transportation for our students is closed, that district will not provide transportation that day. Students would be responsible for finding their own transportation to school. If your district of residence is closed, but WC remains open, and conditions are bad enough that you do not believe it is safe for your child to travel to school, please call the attendance hotline at 614-410-4343, and the absence will be recorded and excused. The student will be responsible for making up any missed work.

•    Changes to co-curricular activities including sports schedules will be communicated via the school calendar on the WCS website. Practice changes will be communicated directly to you via coaches.

•    There will be no K-Star program or SACC today due to the school closure.