The Class of 2019 boasts seven members who have at least one parent who is also a WC graduate. We’re proud to celebrate this legacy.

  • Andrew Bishop (WC ’86) and Ella Bishop
  • Scott Jones (WC ’87) and Jill (Wisniewski) Jones (WC ’84) and Tyler Jones
  • Anita (Snyder) Lambert (WC ’83) and Parker Lambert
  • Steve Mason (WC ’89) and Liz Mason
  • Stefanie (Swift) Mayotte (WC ’86) and Amanda Mayotte
  • Johanna (Custer) Mousa (WC ’88) and Caroline Mousa
  • Steve Raikes (WC ’87) and Alanna Raikes

A special thanks to WCHS Media Center Director David Stoll (WC ’90) and his iJournalism students for producing this year’s Second Generation video.