In the Head of School Message on April 24, Troy McIntosh explained that several changes are coming as a result of our move from three to two campuses. One of the most noticeable changes in the works will be the updating of all of WC logos, including the crest, shield, academic logo, Warrior, and WC. In case you’re wondering, we’re still the Warriors, and our school colors will remain red and gold. But with our name changing from Worthington Christian Schools to School, moving to a new Upper and Lower School model, and WC’s 50th anniversary quickly approaching, the time is right to update our brand identity.

A task force has worked with WC alumnus and local graphic designer Jeremy Slagle (WC ’93) on the redesign. Jeremy was part of the team that created all the logos you have seen around campus for the past 25 years. The new logos include elements of our current logos but also introduce an original look that we expect to be in place for the next 25 years. We are delighted with what Jeremy and the task force have come up with.

We will officially launch and reveal the new logos on Friday, May 31, via all of WC’s communications outlets, including the website, app, and social media. The rollout of WC’s new logo package will begin this summer. A complete transition from our current logos to the new logos will take time. That transition will include a stretch where you’ll see both the current and new logo on school and athletic uniforms, for example. All new school uniforms will have our new logo on them. Existing uniforms (those already purchased and available at the “Share the Ware” sale) that have the current logo will be allowed through the 2021-22 academic year.

Leading up to revealing WC’s new brand identity next Friday, we will be celebrating our past and present identity as a school on our social media accounts. We will also be sharing information about our new logo. Stay tuned! For anyone that may not regularly use social media, you may still view the school’s accounts through the WC app. We will also include the information shared on social media in next week’s edition of ThisWeekWC.