WC seniors share wisdom and insight in recent survey

By Laura Fitzpatrick, Staff Writer

Graduation activities are happening this weekend! WC’s Class of 2019 is just days away from walking across the commencement stage and receiving their hard-earned diplomas. Before they take those pivotal steps transforming them from students to alumni, we want to take one more close look at this accomplished group of Warriors. This seems to be an appropriate moment in the year to reflect on who our graduates are, what kinds of people they are becoming, and what impact WC has had on them.

In a recent voluntary, anonymous survey that our seniors took part in, they answered several questions regarding personal accomplishments they’ve achieved, advice they have for underclassmen, and opinions they hold about their experience at WC. Here are some highlights from these surveys:

Class of 2019 Fast Facts

  • This year’s senior class is 82 members strong, joining 2,800 men and women who are proud WC alumni.
  • The average composite ACT score for our Class of 2019 is 26, a full five points higher than state and national averages.
  • Our 82 graduates plan to attend 31 different colleges and universities.
  • Twelve of our graduates this year plan to compete in collegiate-level athletics.
  • Our 2019 graduates raised enough money to fund a new school campus in the Dominican Republic for an entire year.
  • Our graduating seniors average eight years of enrollment at WC.
  • Seventy-seven percent of the Class of 2019 has been involved in WC’s robust, award-winning Arts program.
  • Eighty percent of the Class of 2019 has been involved with WC’s competitive, award-winning Athletics department.
  • Members of the senior class attend 29 different local churches.
  • Our seniors have served over 5,500 hours in our community.
  • Two of our graduating seniors have earned the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout from the Boy Scouts of America organization.
  • Students in this year’s graduating class have taken 101 Advanced Placement courses, earning hours and hours of college credit.
  • WC’s Class of 2019 has earned approximately $3.5 million in college scholarship opportunities.
Senior Advice to Underclassmen

“Don’t be afraid to push yourself…Many times you can do things that you don’t realize you could do unless you try it.”

“Don’t not care; life is too short for that. You’re not too cool to care.”

“Soak up the knowledge you are taught and be intentional about forming good habits now…”

“Don’t be so focused on academics that you don’t have fun, but also don’t be so focused on fun that you don’t do well academically. Learn how to manage time early.”

“Think for yourself and learn for yourself. Find yourself and who you are in God, not in others. Reflect Jesus, not your peers. Strive for a path that pleases God, not man. Find comfort and contentment. They aren’t the same thing.”

“Do your best at everything always, because that is how you discover yourself.”

“Get involved at WC- there are many opportunities, so take advantage of them.”

“Soak up the time you have here; it goes fast.”

“Consulting God about your decisions makes your life so much easier, especially when it comes to deciding on the right college because if you’re doing what He wants, then He’ll show you the way.”

Senior Survey Results

Some of the senior survey questions required agree/disagree responses to statements based on our stated student outcomes. According to those results, 92 percent of our graduating seniors agree that they feel academically prepared by their WC education to begin university-level courses. A striking 94 percent of our graduating seniors agree that they know what it means to live as citizens of the Kingdom of God.

When asked what element of WC has had the single greatest impact on them, our seniors named various aspects of the school that were particularly impactful to them such as the WCHS Broadcasting Class, the science department, the athletics program and the Senior Capstone trip to the Dominican Republic. There were two particular elements of WC that many students (anonymously and independently) listed as having the greatest impact on them: WC’s Bible classes (15 percent of respondents) and friends (28 percent of respondents). But there was one particular element of WC that our graduating seniors credited as having the most significant impact on them. In fact, 40 percent of the senior survey respondents all answered the same: WC’s teachers have had the single greatest influence on their lives.

This data points to the reality that, in addition to our excellent academics, robust arts and athletics programs, and Christ-centered curriculum, it’s WC’s community that is so profoundly impactful and stays with our graduates. Our academics are excellent and our arts and athletics programs are incredible because of the inspirational men and women that make up our faculty, staff, and coaches.

To the parents, teachers, administrators, coaches, and school staff that have so deeply impacted this group of 82 seniors, thank you.

To the Worthington Chrisitan School Class of 2019, congratulations!

Images provided by Brian T. Shindle/Creative Moments