Over two months in the developing and nearly 50 years in the making, WC is proud to introduce its new brand identity!

In conjunction with the many transitions coming to WC over the next 15-months, our new school brand identity reflects the school name change, our progression as an institution, and connects the past to the present and future as we prepare to celebrate the school’s 50th anniversary in 2022-23.

The current brand identity is in hundreds of places–school uniforms, spirit wear, athletics gear, social media, websites and so much more–transitioning to the updated brand identity will take time.

Please refer to the following questions for more information on the development and implementation of this new logo package.

With our name changing from Worthington Christian Schools to School, moving to a new Upper and Lower School model, and WC’s 50th anniversary quickly approaching, the time is right to update our brand identity.

A rebranding task force consisting of WC faculty and staff collaborated with local graphic designer Jeremy Slagle. The task force included the following people:

  • Tom Burns, Academic Dean
  • Kelly Herbst, District Administrative Assistant
  • Troy McIntosh, Head of School
  • Lisa Raikes, Director of Admissions and Special Events Coordinator
  • Polly Shoemaker, Director of Advancement
  • Kevin Weakley, Athletic Director

In addition to owning his own graphic design and communication business, Slagle is a WC alumnus (Class of 1993) and current WC parent. He was involved in the brand identity developed 20 years ago. In Slagle’s words, “I do a decent amount of work with colleges and school systems. This project was special for me. As a graduate, and now a parent of two students at WC, I jumped at the opportunity. It’s always interesting to redesign a project done years before…I’m really looking forward to seeing it in use around the school. It was an honor to work with the team. I’m proud to be part of WC’s legacy.”

The rollout of WC’s new logo package will begin this summer. A complete transition from our current logos to the new logos will take time. That transition will include a stretch where you’ll see both the current and new logo on school and athletic uniforms, for example.

From now on, only the new WC logo package may be used. Using WC’s name, logos, and likeness are protected under trademark rules and are not to be used by anyone without approval and should not be altered in any way. This includes a parent or donor who may wish to purchase signs, uniforms, tees, etc. as gifts to WC. WC-supported youth teams, leagues, and camps are also expected to seek approval and to follow our brand identity standards.

Existing uniforms (those already purchased and available at the “Share the Ware” sale) that have the current logo will be allowed through the 2021-22 academic year. All new school uniforms will have our new logo on them.

School Closet and Lands’ End are our official outlets for school uniforms and lettermen’s coats and sweaters.

WC’s official outlet for Warrior gear, team/club shops, and athletic uniforms is BSN.

The goal of limiting production to these vendors is to provide options while promoting unity.  Unless approval is granted by Lisa Raikes, who is our liaison, these are the only vendors who may be used.

Follow the link below to view the primary logo package, our school colors, and fonts.

WC Brand Identity Guide

Contact the Office of Advancement for additional information and inquiries related to WC’s new brand identity.