Two WCHS students recently volunteered their time and talent to write unique back-to-school poems based on the classic poem “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” Enjoy!

‘Twas the Night Before School

By Julia Todd (WC ’21)

‘Twas the night before school, when all through the house

the whole family was stirring, even the mouse.

The backpacks were placed by the front door with care,

stuffed to the brim, though the folders were bare.

Mom went through lists that made the kids snore,

while Dad made a last-minute trip to the store.

He found the supplies the children were needing,

but at home one forgot to do summer reading.

The students were nervous for the new year to come,

full of projects and homework and hopefully fun.

A mix of woe and excitement danced in their hearts

as they thought about how the school year would start.

One final email was sent out to the school

from Dr. Buzz, who everyone thinks is so cool.

It ended with a reminder to quell families’ fright:

“Happy school year to all, and to all a good night!”

‘Twas the Night Before School 

By Coral Varian (WC ’20)

‘Twas the night before school, and throughout WC’s halls, 

The campus was ready with bright painted walls

The name tags were placed on the desks with great care,

 knowing that students soon would be there.

With lunches all packed and uniforms laid out,

kids kissed their summer goodbye with a pout.

By midnight most pupils were snug in their beds,

but procrastinators rushed to get their English books read.

Then out of the blue, there arose such a flurry,

That the parents of one child started to worry!

“What’s wrong dear?” the mother asked with concern,

She cried “Mom, I’m really not ready to learn”

Mother replied: “School is just part of life, dear”

“But Mom, here’s all I’m going to hear:”

“Get Pencils!” – “Get paper!” – “Oooh that’s good, write that down!”

“Test next Thursday” – “Read these chapters” – “Quit being a class clown”

Before they could answer the girl started to cry,

but her father leaned down to wipe the tears from her eyes

“Darling there’s really no need to be blue,

there are wonderful things about going back to school too!”

“You’ll see friends everyday, so you won’t be alone,

and you can try new things – like playing the saxophone!”

You can join extra activities, if you so desire,

like bio club, soccer, or maybe even show choir!”

“Best of all you’ll have fun getting smart,

by taking courses you love like Algebra or Art!”

“And with teachers that love you, and help you to do well,

You’ll soon remember that going to school is quite swell!”

“You’re right Dad, I almost forgot about those things,

I think I’ll be ready when tomorrow’s first bell rings!”

“I’m so glad to hear that, now try to get some rest,

if you are sleepy, you can’t give your best.”

“Alright, Dad I completely agree,

Thanks for getting me pumped for my year at WC!”

 “You’re welcome, dear, now I’ll turn off the light,

 Happy School Year to you, and to you a goodnight!”