WC tailgate tradition continues to promote community in new venue and new format

By Laura Fitzpatrick, Staff Writer

The scene: It’s a perfect 75 degrees on a warm September evening. Your kids had the day off from school and it’s the end of another long week. Everyone is ready for a relaxing night out. The smells of late summer and a hot grill linger in the air. The sun is setting and the bright lights of the high school football stadium begin to flicker. Laughter, conversation, and music fill the once-quiet pavilion. Having just enjoyed grilled hot dogs, cool drinks, and delicious shared side dishes for dinner, parents are gathered around picnic tables chatting, the kids are playing games or getting ready to cheer on their friends and classmates in the football game that’s about to start.

Full bellies. Full hearts. Sweet fellowship. This is WC’s All-School Tailgate. And it’s all happening this Friday, September 20, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Grace Light Pavilion at Founders Field just before Friday night Warrior football versus Grove City Christian.

If you hang around WC for any length of time, it does not take long to hear someone mention community. We as a school place a high value on this notion of community. So much so, that it is one of WC’s core values: promoting a genuine community with our students and their families. Assistant Head of School Jim Parrish often says that at WC, the home, church, and school are all pulling in the same direction so that our students can best grow in all areas. This happens most naturally when there is a strong sense of community among parents, faculty and staff, and students.

Yet with families juggling the busyness of school and church and co-curricular activities, what does it really look like to be in community? And with over 900 students spread across three campuses, how is that even possible? One particular way that we seek to promote community at WC is through a few all-school events over the course of each academic year. The first one on the calendar is the All-School Tailgate.

With a new venue and a new format, this year’s All-School Tailgate looks to be the best yet. As mentioned above, this year the tailgate is located at Grace Light Pavilion (1485 Lazelle Road) and is a “bring and share” format, meaning families are encouraged to bring an appetizer, side dish, or dessert to share. We’ll take care of grilling hot dogs and providing drinks (water and lemonade), paper products, tables, and chairs. Parking for the event will be in the middle school parking lot.

But it’s not just the venue or the format that make this tailgate different than any other. What makes WC’s All-School Tailgate uniquely rich is the opportunity to spend an evening out with other like-minded families, meet new faces and connect with parents from other campuses. It’s one of the few times in the year during which we can join together as a K-12 community. See you there!

For more details on the All-School Tailgate, click here. All questions regarding the All-School Bring & Share Tailgate should be directed to Lisa Raikes, director of admissions and special projects. You may reach Lisa by email or phone at 614-940-4430.