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Hello everyone!

We have a big week happening at WC.  Thought you might want to know.

Tomorrow is our monthly OOU for the Dominican Republic.  As you may recall, each house sponsors a child at our sister school in Santo Domingo and the OOU fee the kids pay covers the sponsorship.  Our seniors are looking forward to their visit to the school during Senior Trip, as they will meet the students their house sponsors.

Wednesday is our annual Black History Month Assembly.  This assembly is organized by the students who are part of the United Front club.   These students are committed to rejoicing in the things we hold in common and learning to better understand the things that are different about our lives and experiences.  This year they have invited Officer Anthony Johnson from the Columbus Police Department.  Officer A.J. loves the Lord and has an organization called Promote Positivity.  “Officer A.J.” will address our leadership class and then speak to our student body.  He says “I grew up hating the police, now I am a police officer, I grew up on the streets I now protect.”  After the assembly, we will all be enjoying our second annual “Soul Food Tasting” that will take place during lunch.  There won’t be enough food to substitute for lunch, but there will be plenty for everyone to get a taste of everything.

Thursday is a big day on campus.  As you know, Rich Karlgaard, publisher of Forbes magazine will be here.  He will meet with educators from the community for breakfast, business people for lunch and the general public (hope you plan to be there) in the evening.  All of this will occur in the AC auditorium.  We have hired an extra special-duty officer to oversee the building, since so many will be coming and going.

Also on Thursday will be having another Black History Month event.  We are going to do a call-in question and answer with Mr. Tim Brown.  Tim is the father of a WC alum, and has sent many students to our way.  Tim is a man of God and has had a good ministry in central Ohio.  Sometimes talking about matters of race and ethnicity can be difficult.  We hope this “call-in” can continue to help our student body continue to develop comfort in talking about our individual and collective differences. We are blessed to have our broadcast studio as it allows us to be able to do things like this that would have been impossible a few years ago.  Sadly, the seniors will miss out, as they will be meeting together for their first of many weekly preparation times for the Senior Trip to the Dominican Republic coming up in mid-March.

On Friday?  Nothing special. Just good old education!  But really, what could be more special than that?  We are all learning and developing our skills so that we can faithfully do those good works that God has prepared in advance for us to do. (Eph 2:10)

Proud to be an Out-of-Uniform, Soul-food-tasting, Karlgaard-promoting, Call-in-hosting, Good-works-equipping Warrior,

Buzz Inboden
WCHS Principal

Email | 614-431-8210

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