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Dear Parents and Students:

It has been awhile since I sent you a good, old-fashioned information dump.  Brace yourselves.  Here goes!

This letter contains information about:

  1. The students we sponsor from the Dominican Republic, and related OOU Day.
  2. Masks – clearing up confusion I may have created.
  3. Availability and expectations regarding teachers and TEAMS.
  4. Chromebooks and a technology user agreement added to the handbook.

The students we sponsor from the Dominican Republic, and related OOU Day.

Every year, each house sponsors a student at our sister school in the Dominican Republic.   Students who wish to be in on the support donate a minimum of $10.  Like NPR donors, our DR donors get a special “thank you” gift!  The gift is an “Out of Uniform” day on the first Tuesday of each month.  Each month it provides a good reminder to pray for the kids and to be mindful of the things the students in the DR face on a day-to-day basis.  Funds have been collected during family time. Tomorrow is our first DR Awareness OOU Day.  The $10 donation will be accepted tomorrow as well, and should be given to the student’s first period teacher.  Please help your student remember that OOU days are supposed to be fun and not a source of conflict.  OOU guidelines are spelled out in the handbook.  When in doubt, bring an alternative outfit.

Masks – clearing up confusion I may have created.

In the ever-changing world of COVID mitigation, last week at assembly I may have given the impression it was OK to wear political masks and other masks with messages.   My bad.  Political badges etc are fine, but we don’t want to turn masks into billboards.  No matter if the content is John 3:16 or a call to over throw the free-world, there are to be no slogans, logos or words on masks.  Instead, they need to be solid color or with a pattern.  The only logos acceptable are WC logos and other WC branded symbols.  Sorry for the misunderstanding.  Thanks for your help in this.   Also, we still have a number of elastic “Gollie” mask bands.  They take the pressure off the ears and make the unpleasant task of mask-wearing a bit easier.  Stop in the office and pick one up.  They were donated by someone mindful of student comfort.  (BTW – Hats off to our students for their compliance with respect to masks. Sure, there are a few lapses, but over-all, everyone is doing all things without grumbling or complaining.

Availability and expectations regarding teachers and TEAMS.

Last week Mr. Sweigard sent something about this to the 7th and 8th grade parents.  As far as the upper school is concerned, in an effort to help our teachers “be home” when they are home with their families, I have instructed them not to be checking and responding to chats and school related email outside the hours of 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Obviously, things happen, and exceptions will be made, but as a rule, quick responses to chats or emails should not be expected in the evening, over the weekend, and especially on the night before a test or the due date of a big project.   There has been plenty of time in school for questions as interactions, as well as one hour per day after school each and every day.   We will all still do our best to reply to emails or voice mail without 24 hours.

Chromebooks and a technology user agreement added to the handbook.

The  material below (in red) was added to the Worthington Christian School – Tom Anglea Upper School Campus handbook on October 2, 2020 and is effective immediately.   It lays out responsibility for the care and feeding of school Chromebooks.

As you know, we rushed to make sure everyone had a device upon which they could access TEAMS and have internet connectivity, should we have to pivot to on-line instruction.   That goal was accomplished, but without adding filters etc. that would work on the device when the device was away from our network and our filters.  Our new Chromebooks have arrived, but we have not distributed them as of yet.  Our tech team has not finished setting them up.   We are also planning to install filtering on them prior to distributing them.  Once that is accomplished, I’m told filtering can be pushed out to devices that we have already distributed.

We are thankful for God’s kindness to us, by keeping us well.  We have  not had to close school even once.  But, we remain ready to continue educating Warriors should we have to close the school.   We will be even more ready when the rest of the Chromebooks are prepared and distributed.

Here is the new policy.  It establishes accountability and clears up who is responsible for what.  You don’t need to sign it or return anything, just be aware that it exists.


The mobile device is an important part of the school’s curriculum and will be used in school to support your learning.

  • Students will abide by the Technology policy found in student handbooks
  • Any issued device is the property of Worthington Christian School.
  • The device is to be used for instructional purposes. It must be returned to Worthington Christian School when a student withdraws from the school system, at the end of the school year, or immediately upon a request.
  • Students will make available for inspection by any school administrator or teacher any messages or files sent or received on their WC issued device.
  • Students will report to school personnel any incidents of inappropriate communications transmitted in any form using WC owned technology.
  • Students will not deface the device.
  • Students will bring their issued device fully charged to school each day.
  • Students will adhere to these terms each time the device is used, including when it is not on school property.

Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Devices:

There will be no fee for the first accidental damage to the mobile device. Repeated accidental damage to a device will result in fees for the cost of repairs and parts.

  • Repair to an intentionally damaged device will be charged at the actual cost of repair including parts and labor. The school administrator will determine if the device has been intentionally damaged.
  • Devices intentionally damaged beyond repair will be treated as a lost device.
  • Replacement cost will be charged for a lost or stolen device.
  • A fee of $25 will be charged for lost, stolen, or damaged AC adapters.
  • If the device is reported lost or stolen, the device will be locked down and will be unusable.
  • Parents should notify law enforcement when an issued device is lost or stolen outside of school. A copy of an official report should be provided to the school administration. A student or parent/guardian must pay the replacement cost for a new mobile device before being issued a replacement. The student will be provided with a loaner to be used only on school property. Refunds will be granted for devices found and returned.

Proud to be a DR-Supporting, Mono-Chromatic-Mask-Wearing, Boundary-Creating, Chromebook-Stewarding Warrior,

Buzz Inboden
WCHS Principal

Email | 614-431-8210

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