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[Editor’s Note: This is an adapted excerpt from the most recent post on WC’s “Navigating Your Child’s Education: A Blog for Parents.” Read the full article here and make sure to subscribe to the blog for relevant information and ideas in the coming weeks.]

In speaking with students and parents throughout the year, I often share that it amazes me that God has put the WC community all together as He has. I ask them to look around the classroom or auditorium and realize that God has handpicked each one of us to do life together. This is now more true than ever, given our present (and uncertain) circumstances! How blessed are we that we have a community of over 3,000 people, connected virtually, willing to share resources, encouragement, and help each other. God chose us to be Warriors and He equips those He calls! We are blessed.

Changes in work schedules, school schedules, childcare options, leisure activities and social interaction are difficult to process and navigate. We are all, undoubtedly, experiencing a range of emotions and feelings, and these feelings vary due to the place each of us is living in our family right now. Those of you home with “littles” will have a much different day than those who are home alone. Needs are different for all of us and how we accept, interpret, and handle this time will look different as well.

Here is something I know from personal experience over the last few days: if I am left to my own devices and strength, use past experiences (which there aren’t any because none of us have experienced this), watch the news all day, react, respond, listen to opinions of others or what ifs—all while trying to balance the facts and real-life updates—I can feel the stress, fear, anger, frustration grow and I leave no room for the truth I know and have studied for so long.

I have spent years learning, studying and teaching God’s Word. I love Jesus, I hear His voice, seek Him, serve Him, worship Him and want Him in every corner of my life, but all of a sudden, I’m a fearful mess. I don’t do what I teach! Why? Because I’m human!

Often when people are hurting and can’t muster up much of anything besides the overwhelming anxiety or stress they feel, I ask if they can muster up a mustard seed of faith. Most always, the answer is, “Yes, I can have that much.” God is so gracious and patient with us and so very kind that this is all He asks for from us. Isn’t that awesome?

As we pay attention to and are honest about our feelings, and as we muster up that mustard seed of faith in the midst of difficulty, we can begin to reset…finish this article here.

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