Learning has no boundaries.

At Worthington Christian School, we believe that, while the fundamentals of learning typically take place within the walls of a classroom, there are tremendous opportunities to extend and apply learning outside those walls. That is why we offer a broad range of opportunities for WC students to go Beyond the Classroom.

More than single day field trips or service opportunities, which are great experiences, the programs in Beyond the Classroom are multi-day chances for students to discover, explore, and immerse themselves in the broader world and learn how a Christian should and can live within it. Some of the programs are a tradition at WC. For example, Fifth Grade Over and Out is over 40 years old. Others, however, are new each year. All Beyond the Classroom experiences are designed for the purpose of broadening our students’ minds and hearts in ways that we could not otherwise accomplish.

Senior Capstone

Since 2000, WCHS has partnered with S.C.O.R.E. International to offer a Senior Capstone trip to the Dominican Republic. Often a life-changing experience for seniors preparing for the next stage of life, WCHS’ Senior Capstone is designed:

  1. To expose students to a cross-cultural experience in an economically-challenged area of the world;
  2. To provide the opportunity for students to serve others; and
  3. To make lifetime memories with classmates.
Summer Study Tours

Organized by WC faculty, study tours are offered each summer and have included a variety of destinations around the globe including Israel, France, Spain, and more. Study tours bring the classroom curriculum to life and deepen participants understanding of God’s world. Study tours are open to the WC community at-large.

Internship Academy

Established in 2004, the Internship Academy is an 18-week, one and a half credit hour course offered to WCHS seniors. One of the many goals accomplished through the Internship Academy is providing seniors a glance inside a profession of interest in hopes of aiding them in their future educational decisions. It is a selective program that includes an application and interview. Students chosen have the opportunity to obtain experience in two careers of their choosing. The Internship Academy received an Exemplary School Program award from the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

Warriors on Mission

Coaches and athletes from WCHS sports teams partner with organizations such as Score International to provide student-athletes the opportunity to use their abilities to share God’s word in countries outside of the United States. Sports teams compete in their particular sport but also are involved in service projects, sharing the gospel and developing relationships with people in different parts of the world.

Washington, D.C. Study Tour

Go Beyond the Classroom to discover, explore, and immerse yourself in our nation’s capital. This annual trip for eighth-grade students to Washington D.C. includes visits to Arlington National Cemetery and all of the significant memorials.

Freedom Study Tour

Go Beyond the Classroom to discover, explore, and immerse yourself in America’s History. This annual trip for seventh-grade students includes visits to several destinations in Ohio and Kentucky including: Mott’s Military Museum, Underground Railroad Freedom Center, Newport Aquarium, and the Prayer Walk for Freedom across the Purple People Bridge.

Space Camp Study Tour

Go Beyond the Classroom to discover, explore, and immerse yourself in all that lies beyond Earth’s atmosphere at Space Camp. This exciting three-day trip is for sixth graders and is the culminating activity for several units on Astronomy and Space Travel. A few of the highlights for the annual trip include: Hike at Mammoth Cave, U.S. Space and Rocket Center, Bridge Street Town Center, and the Brahan Springs Natatorium.