Cultivating relationships in and out of the classroom.

In a world that promotes connection through social media but often undermines real relationships with filtered images and curated feeds, we believe students are craving authenticity. They are bombarded with messages about truth, identity, value, and purpose, and we use our role as educators to partner with you and your church to connect with your child and help him find biblical answers to life’s most significant questions.

A WC education is unique in that it cannot be separated from a commitment to Christian discipleship. As a school, we are particularly suited to address the aspect of discipleship related to loving God with the mind. This involves more than filling the mind with biblical truth. It also means shaping the mind to think about all subjects and topics from a Christ-centered worldview.

Our focus is on teaching your child to interact with all academic subjects from the perspective of a citizen of the Kingdom of God. We believe that as we better understand all aspects of the world God has created, we will grow to better understand God’s person, His Word, and His ways. Bible classes and weekly chapel services emphasize scriptural truths and provide practical encouragement that your child will be able to apply in the classroom and beyond.

Our curriculum highlights the significance of a growing knowledge of and love for God, and our teachers prioritize helping students on that journey. WC faculty and staff seek to reinforce the principles your child hears at home and church by modeling vibrant love for God and His world. WC offers a support system of trusted adults with teachers partnering with you in the discipleship of your child.

Because discipleship often happens outside the classroom, students are encouraged to find their niche and get involved. It’s common to see teachers supporting their students at athletic events, fine arts performances, and other activities. From joining together in organized events like Community Impact Day to impromptu pickup basketball games, the teacher-student relationship is often cited by graduates as the most impactful part of their WC experience. In fact, many alumni reach out to former teachers for guidance because they know they are genuinely cared for and will receive godly advice.

This Is WC – where a Christian worldview is naturally integrated across all disciplines and activities and where highly qualified faculty care for the holistic development of your child. Within the context of our relational learning environment, we eagerly supplement the truth your child learns at home and church. Get to know us, and join the community of WC families who find us to be a trusted partner in the ongoing discipleship of their children.