Ready. Set. GO.

It’s a time marked by visiting colleges, completing applications, anticipating acceptances, and requesting scholarships. There’s a lot to look forward to as students approach graduation, but between kindergarten and commencement, a foundation must be built. Before tassels are turned and caps are tossed, it’s crucial to spend the high school years reinforcing the biblical principles and values that will guide your child through life.

At WC we want to do more than just produce graduates; we strive to prepare godly leaders who can think critically, work collaboratively, and navigate life from a biblical worldview. That’s why we offer challenging core courses, honors and Advanced Placement options, and unique classes in subjects like biblical Hebrew, theology, comparative religions, marriage and family, and philosophy. From intervention services for qualifying students to an aggressive college preparatory curriculum, we cultivate a rigorous academic environment that prepares students for success in higher education.

Buzz Inboden, high school principal, believes WC is uniquely capable of equipping students both spiritually and academically. We believe that understanding the world God has made is a way to understand God; therefore, an academic pursuit is also an exercise in discipleship. With smaller class sizes, internship opportunities, and a relational approach to education, students are encouraged to take risks, explore new subjects, and expand their knowledge of the world – all while growing in love for God and others.

While the fundamentals of learning typically take place within the walls of a classroom, there are tremendous ways to extend and apply learning outside those walls. To that end, we provide a broad range of opportunities for WC students to step outside of the classroom to discover, explore, and immerse themselves in the broader world and learn how a Christian should live within it. These one-of-a-kind learning experiences culminate in the Senior Capstone trip to the Dominican Republic. Often a life-changing experience for seniors preparing for the next stage of life, the Senior Capstone trip is central to the WC experience as it exposes students to another part of the world, gives them opportunities to meet tangible needs, and allows them to make lasting memories with classmates and teachers before graduation.

When it comes to the effectiveness of our educational approach, we believe the outcomes speak for themselves. Our students’ test scores surpass the statewide average. Ninety-six percent of our graduates are college bound, and 100 percent are accepted to four-year institutions. Renewable college scholarships earned by the senior class exceed $4 million annually.

In addition to preparing students for higher education through exemplary academic training, we’re proud to know that WC alumni are poised to enter the next season of life with a robust Christian worldview, a desire to continue learning, an enthusiasm to serve the community, and a commitment to the local church – qualities that are cultivated intentionally throughout the whole WC experience. This is not your average high school. This Is WC.