Embracing unique learning styles.

At WC, we join you in recognizing your child’s uniqueness by taking a personalized approach to education. Rather than offering a cut-and-dried curriculum, we seek to educate our students with an awareness of their different strengths, struggles, and learning styles. Our intervention program exists to help students with academic and behavioral needs reach their full potential within our rigorous learning environment.

If your child has identified learning differences, we know his education may be affected in multiple subject areas. Because of this, we prioritize collaboration between parents, students, teachers, and intervention specialists so that your child’s needs can be accurately identified and served. As a team, we empower your child to self-advocate and develop increasing academic independence as appropriate.

At the elementary level, this looks like an emphasis on early intervention for students who have challenges with math, reading, and writing. By strengthening these foundational skills, many children need less intervention as they get older. Also, we offer articulation, language, and social skills therapy with a speech-language pathologist and specialized services for students with dyslexia. Friendship groups help students learn how to interact socially with their peers.

With the creation of a transition plan, students are encouraged to take developmentally-appropriate steps of autonomy as they move throughout the middle and high school. Intervention services in grades six through 12 help students prioritize, organize, and manage their assignments, projects, and tests. Through Inclusion English and Inclusion Math classes, students benefit from collaboration between intervention specialists and classroom teachers as the content is presented in a manner suitable to their learning needs. Intervention specialists facilitate a supported study hall in which concepts are retaught when the additional instruction is needed. At the high school, support is also provided for Science and Social Studies classes.

Across all grade levels, we have a partnership with local public schools so that students can receive personalized evaluations from a school psychologist when needed. With the data we collect, we can determine the types of intervention needed and can then work alongside you in formulating an individual plan for your child with clear goals and objectives.

Intervention Director Jennifer Denorme says that when all individuals partner together to encourage and push each student, the results are amazing. By working together, we learn how best to challenge and stretch a student to reach his greatest learning potential.  When this happens, students do not hide behind their weaknesses but learn to own their differences and advocate for their needs.

No one knows your child as you do, but we want to learn what makes him tick. Help us identify your child’s strengths, struggles, and learning style, and we will partner with you in tailoring the academic experience accordingly. This is not a one-size-fits-all learning environment. This Is WC.