Ready. SET. Go.

Middle school – a season characterized by braces, growth spurts, and high energy. Some dismiss it as a passing phase, and others prefer not to think about it at all. As this age group develops rapidly and transitions from childhood to the preteen years, it’s not uncommon for them to feel out of place and overlooked.

But not here. This Is WC. We believe middle school students are capable of much more than is often expected of them which is why we create a safe place for them to be challenged to take on increasing responsibility. Middle School Principal Tammi Evans says that the overarching focuses of grades six through eight are on helping students own their education and cultivating lifelong relationships. In elementary school, it’s as if parents hold both of their child’s hands; in middle school, we want parents to hold on with one hand and let us walk alongside their child as they go through important life events.

The traditional parent-teacher conferences don’t exist at the middle school. Instead, we hold student-parent-teacher conferences to increase students’ ownership of their education, to strengthen relationships between all parties involved, and to prepare students for high school where they will need to take more responsibility in advocating for their education.

A challenging core curriculum stretches students academically and gradually prepares them for the rigors of high school academics. An emphasis on the arts trains them to appreciate beauty, and technology courses support the overall goal of developing critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills that are necessary for life in the 21st century.

Opportunities for developing relationships are incorporated into everyday life at WC. High school students regularly offer assistance to middle school students in certain classes. The middle school student council facilitates kindergarten chapel once a month. Eighth grade Bible classes share Bible stories with elementary students. Plus, our two lunch periods are shuffled monthly so that students can get to know new people.

With all of the emphasis on educational ownership and developing relationships, spiritual growth never gets overlooked. In fact, within the context of a caring community that promotes student dignity, we are better able to integrate Christian discipleship across the curriculum. Our teachers do an exceptional job of intentional biblical integration throughout their subject matter. Morning devotions set the tone for each day, and weekly chapel services reiterate principles from Bible classes. We want to get our heads and hearts right for serving and expanding God’s Kingdom. We care about our students’ relationships with Jesus.

With all the care and support they receive, it’s no wonder WC middle school students thrive during the years that are often written off as awkward and transitional. As they are given age-appropriate responsibility and receive genuine love, they are well-prepared for high school academics and a lifelong commitment to Christian growth.