READY. Set. Go.

The first day of school is important in setting the tone for a new year. From interactions with classmates and teachers to the initial activities, day one is a time for putting students at ease and helping them reorient to the schoolyear routine. But some new beginnings are even more critical than others, and the start of a child’s educational experience is one of those. We know starting kindergarten and progressing through elementary school are significant milestones that play a foundational role in shaping a child’s view of school for the long haul.

You probably realize how important it is for your child to have positive initial schooling experiences. We do too. This Is WC, where teachers are personable and caring, exhibiting a commitment to Jesus and students. They love what they do and why they do it. As members of this encouraging community, students are challenged to grow both academically and spiritually, dual emphases that distinguish WC from other schools.

Jim Parrish, elementary school principal, explains that while academics are important and are key for any school to be successful, they cannot overshadow the spiritual growth and development of the child. We partner together with families, so the home, church, and school are all pulling in the same direction for the student to best grow in all areas.

To help students grow, we’re constantly evaluating our approach and striving to enhance our effectiveness. A recent initiative, which uses technology to enrich the elementary curriculum, provided full sets of iPads for each first and second-grade classroom. Just one example of our desire to adapt our approach with 21st-century technology and skills, our students benefit from differentiated education, supplemental resources, and even accommodations for those who need it.

The elementary curriculum focuses on developing foundational skills in core subject areas, introducing an appreciation for the arts, and includes Bible classes at each grade level. Also, weekly chapel services supplement Bible courses and provide spiritual reinforcement to complement what your child hears at home and church. Our teachers target their lessons at students’ minds and hearts in confidence that a distinctively Christian education will be transformative for the whole person.

There is one chance to make a first impression, and when it comes to your child’s education, it’s important that he has positive initial experiences that create confidence, promote a sense of belonging, and instill a love for learning that will last a lifetime. Our caring faculty, challenging curriculum, and holistic view of learning are just some of the ways we join with you in shaping your child academically and spiritually. Your early impressions will be backed up by a WC experience that results in lasting effects on your child as a learner and on you as a valued partner in his or her education. You can count on it.