You belong here.

The purpose of houses at Worthington Christian High School is to enable the students to build and strengthen their relationship with God, the faculty, and other students. The houses create an opportunity in which every student has a place where they belong and where they are essential to the life of the community.

The WCHS houses are the houses of Fides (Faith), Gratia (Grace), Lux (Light), Pax (Peace), Veritas (Truth), and Vita (Life). The students of each house will soon develop the house crests.

What Are Houses?

The school is divided into six houses, and each faculty member and student is placed into one of these houses. Each house is then split into two families, which are student-led groups. We are hopeful that as students find a deeper sense of connection, it will create a new and different enthusiasm for being in school. School becomes a place where their voices can be heard, and they can make an impact.

Houses consist of members of all four classes, and students will remain in the same house and family for the duration of their high school career. Thus, students will have a chance to meet and know students from all four classes and have an on-going relationship with a group of faculty members.

A House or a Family is not another “clique.” A clique is a “closed group” that students form based on some affinity they have with each other or on some distaste or insensitivity they have toward others. Houses are the opposite of cliques. Students are placed together randomly, and they learn to love and accept each other, because of and in spite of their differences. As long as there are people, there will be cliques. But “houses” provide an alternative.

What if people in the house do not like each other, or what if someone finds himself in one house, but all of his friends are in another? Life is like that. Families all have hard times. So, instead of letting people switch around, one of the goals of the system is to teach students how to solve problems, get along with people they do not like and learn to make new friends actively. In cases like this, the houses and families become a crucible for growth and an opportunity to experience the power of the Holy Spirit as He helps us love our neighbors as we love ourselves.

The Structure

A “Dean,” who is a faculty member, oversees each house, and each family has a faculty leader. Two upper-class students are “Heads of House.” Each family has four students “Family Leaders” (one from each class). There are a “Spirit Captain” and a “Chaplain” for each house. The members of each house are randomly assigned, except in cases where there are siblings at WCHS. In that case, they will be in the same house.

Students will meet as “families” twice a week for ten minutes before chapel and assembly. Two times a month, the assembly period will be devoted to house gathering and house activities.