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While basketball has been a part of their relationship since day one, it’s their commitment to Christ that has kept this couple’s marriage strong.

Kevin (WC ’95) and Anne Marie (Beschta WC ’94) Weakley love the game of basketball and it has been apart of their relationship since meeting in 1988.

How many years have you been married? 23 years

When did you first meet? Ruth Beschta, Anne Marie’s mom started teaching sixth grade Science and Social Studies at WC in 1988 when I (Kevin) was in sixth grade and Anne Marie was in seventh grade. A fun fact, Ruth gave me (Kevin) my only detention in my time at WC for talking too much in class of all things with Todd Humrichouser. We started “going together” two years later when Anne Marie was going into ninth grade. 

When was your first date? Our first date, if you want to call it that, was in the summer of 1990. We played tennis at Highbanks pool and then watched Crocodile Dundee with Anne Marie’s family. My (Kevin) parent’s car actually was stolen from their driveway that night and her dad and I jumped in the car to try to find the thieves. However, many of our dates in high school and college revolved around me shooting and Anne Marie rebounding. If I had to guess, she rebounded in the neighborhood of 500K shots for me while we dated. It takes a special friend/spouse to date and marry someone passionate about a game and sports in general. The highs and lows are so extreme. From day one, she has always been my biggest fan allowing me to pursue both my passion and calling.  

What do you know about God now that you didn’t know before you were married? I’m not sure we know more about God now than we knew before we were married, but He has become more real to us as we have gotten older. We have experienced His blessings, goodness, and sovereignty through life experiences, relationships, and our children. As we age together, we realize the very little control we have over our lives and that putting our hope and trust in Jesus helps reduce the anxieties that come from worrying about things we can’t control. We also realize how very broken we are and how desperately we need Him. Anne Marie would say she has been working to grow out of her people-pleasing – learning the importance of not just playing or coaching for an audience of one – but ultimately living for an audience of one.

What advice would you give those hoping to marry one day? Marriage only works if both husband and wife are first committed to their relationship with Jesus. In a home where this is the first priority, a marriage can work through the ups and downs of life because each person understands the importance of first putting the other person’s interests above their own (Philippians 2:4). Additionally, it is important to have proper expectations, not expecting our spouses to fill needs only the LORD can.

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