Create a masterpiece.

Beyond the art classes that are offered throughout the curriculum, WC’s visual arts program serves middle and high school students by inviting them to actively engage in creating artwork under the direction of faculty who are committed to helping all students discover the joy of creative expression, regardless of their perceived ability or initial confidence. Specialized classes are offered in focus areas such as photography, ceramics, and fibers. The program places a premium on 21st century skills through the composition of imaginative drawings, the proposals of solutions to design problems, the displays that they set up, the collages they assemble, the future worlds they invent, the paintings they try out, and the meanings on which they speculate – all of which foster critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving. To help our students fully experience the process of communicating through art, WC provides numerous venues for display of work, from professional quality exhibits on campus as well as local gallery exhibits. High school visual arts students also compete each year in several local art festivals, gaining experience and exposure as well as excellent scholarship opportunities.

Beth Heisey, visual arts department chair, says WC’s program is differentiated from others in that teachers are devoted coaches of understanding, not mere purveyors of content knowledge, skill, or activity. Being on the same campus with outstanding choral, instrumental, and theatre programs motivates students and sets them up for a cohesive, multi-dimensional arts understanding.