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Blue Team Ministry Day 2 by Beth Rider and Jordan Gray

Home » Archives » Senior Capstone 2023 » Blue Team Ministry Day 2 by Beth Rider and Jordan Gray

We went to a village called “Honduras,” although no one there was from Honduras. First, we met Pastor Francis in their small church, which was surprisingly modern. After a brief introduction from Pastor Francis, we walked across the street to their public school. It was larger than we expected compared to Ensanche, where we visited on Friday. We began by joining their elementary classes. Coloring and attempting to talk with them, we quickly bonded with many of the young students- shoutout to 4-year-old Alexander who is now Jordan’s best amigo! Immediately after conversing with them, we began our short program filled with funny skits, energetic songs, and engaging games. Wrapping up with the first round of kids, we walked further down the village to an open field and engaged in many fun activities including baseball, volleyball, soccer, and many piggy-back rides! By this point, it was the middle of the day, and we were frying in the sun. Although we sweated like crazy, we had such a blast with all the kids, and they were so blessed by our presence; we were blessed more by their kind hearts! We repeated our program one more time and reluctantly left the children at the school after many hours of bonding and memory-making. We are so grateful for the time we spent with them!

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