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Robin Muskopf is the cross country coach for grades 7 & 8. She is a proud parent of two WC students, a triathlete, and a WC substitute teacher.

How did you get into coaching?
“My first coaching position was 7th-grade volleyball at the first school where I taught. I loved being able to interact with students on a different level, a more personal level. I continued coaching because of the inspiration of my basketball coach from high school, Karen Wittrock. While she coached us in the sport, she was an example of tough love and mercy at the same time. She had an indescribable way she instructed the entire person – not just in sport, but in education, work ethic, and in conducting yourself as a child of God. I can only hope to do that as I coach.”

What is the most rewarding thing for you about coaching?
“Short-term, I feel rewarded when the athlete finishes a race and they immediately self-analyze. They reflect on what they did leading up to the race, how they strategized, and what they did well, and what they can improve upon. I love to see them maturing from superficial goals to being proud and amazed at themselves for what they have already accomplished and strive to work towards in the future.”

How do you incorporate faith into your coaching?
“Lond-distance running provides many opportunities to dwell on the Word as you run. To set the tone for the year, I find a Bible verse that includes references to pressing-on, running towards a goal, perseverance, etc such as Isaiah 40:31 – it changes yearly. That verse is our overarching theme for the year. Then as the year progresses, other verses are included to our memory list as different moments lead us to them. These verses become a type of mantra that, when mentally repeated in a difficult race, kids can lean on the Word as they are reaching for the finish line.”

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