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“There is beauty in the world…It walks hand-in-hand with joy and laughter.”

There is beauty in the world. Did you see it? It walks hand-in-hand with joy and laughter.

New puppies–already the boss of the home.

Pilots as proxies for the community, roaring their praise and thanks for the courageous–the makers of sacrifice.

Robins outsinging all the other birds combined. Loud and proud.

Bright sunshine before and after the rains–and snows.

Hummingbirds hovering outside the window to remind you, “I’m back! Fill up the feeders now dumb human.”

A husband’s bravery in allowing his wife to cut his hair–perfectly, of course.

Teachers sneaking around neighborhoods putting out signs of congratulations for kids they’ve come to love.

Annuals that have been patiently waiting out the onslaughts of the frost wars, now planted in real soil, and immediately “perking up.” Home at last.

Perennials standing up to embrace the first signs of warmth–“What frost?”

A young boy’s testimony to his battle with cancer through his faith, through his friends’ encouragement, through the joys of everyday life–his rightfully proud father by his side.

Friendships strengthened by absence. Absence does do that you know. Aren’t cliches marvelous when you stop to think about what they’re actually affirming?

Children celebrating the love between their mom and dad.

Teachers meeting online with their students. Talking about what? Doesn’t matter. It’s the with whom that matters.

That quiet moment when the Spirit through His Word whispered, “Did you see that? Just for you today.”

The beauty of the earth and life lavished upon us by the grace of God in all our circumstances. Hope you’ve been looking for it! It’s all around you because your God is everywhere all the time. Start by feasting on the beauty of Jesus radiating from the faces of your fellow “captives.” These are precious times of unity and quietness that you may not soon have again. I know the quietness may be pretty raucous at times–but it’s quiet in the depths of your heart, is it not? You be beautiful, too. Reflect the beauty of Jesus to those around you. Start with a simple “thank you” to Him who does all things well. Beauty is one of His specialties–wait until you see His face!

[Editor’s Note: The Philippians 4:8 Project is a daily centering of the WC community’s collective hearts and minds on “whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.”]

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