August 22, 2019 @ 8:30 am – August 23, 2019 @ 3:00 pm
Butler Springs Retreat Center
3701 OH-41
Hillsboro, OH 45133
  • Times: We will leave from school on Thursday, August 22 around 8:30 (student should arrive as usual) and be back to school around 3:00 on Friday, August 23.
  • Medication: Please remember to send any prescription medications your child requires along with them. If you keep any prescription medications in the health office at school and want those to go along, please send an email to Lisa Cunningham so that she is certain to send them. Please remember to send allergy medications so that your child is not miserable while they are away! Juniors and seniors will manage their own prescription medications unless you request otherwise. Please send in original containers. We will send the usual Tylenol, Advil, decongestant, etc. in case they need that.
  • Food: We will eat 4 meals there (lunch, dinner, breakfast, lunch). The food is good and has decent options. Extra snacks are fine to pack.
  • Packing:
    • Sleeping bag and pillow
    • Toiletries
    • 2 changes of clothing – you’ll be running around a lot! (bring clothes for running around, doing high ropes, sitting by the campfire, etc.)
    • NO tank tops/sleeveless shirts (boys and girls!)
    • Shorts must be modest length
    • Swimsuit – ONE PIECE for girls, shorts-style for boys
    • At least one pair of closed toed, tie shoes (for the ropes course, or walking in the woods – prevents poison ivy between the toes) and another pair in case the main pair get soaked
    • Jacket or hoodie
    • A Bible and a notebook are a must
    • Phones and headphones are okay, but remember there is essentially no service at Butler Springs
    • Communal snacks to share:
      • JUNIOR GIRLS – 12 pack of soda or tea
      • JUNIOR BOYS – 24 pack of water
      • SENIOR GIRLS – sweet snack
      • SENIOR BOYS – salty snack