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Green Team Ministry Day 1 by Jane Bechtel

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Today we visited Emmanuel House and the village where a lot of the students lived. When we arrived, we were greeted immediately with warm smiles. The first group of students came running out of their classrooms eagerly, ready to have fun and be picked up! The pure, genuine joy radiated off of the children as we danced to “Jesus es mi SuperHero,” and WC students came running out in superhero costumes. After going through our program of skits, songs, games, and just hanging out, we traveled to a village near by with our guide, Miquella. She used to live in this lower income town, and she pointed out her old home. We walked through the village, stopping in houses of those connected to Emmanuel House. We sang “This is the day the Lord has made,” shared testimonies, prayed over individuals, and just connected with each other through the love of Jesus. Having this opportunity to meet these people outside of our usual bubble and to see their faithfulness toward Christ has significantly impacted me and our group, and we’ll remember this day forever.

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