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In his final message as Head of School, Troy McIntosh reflects on his 27 years at WC

[Editor’s Note: WC’s Head of School Troy McIntosh is stepping into a new chapter in the summer of 2021. He will become Executive Director for the Ohio Christian Education Network. Throughout his tenure, he has shared his reflections, thoughts, and updates on the school each month for the entire WC community. This is his final such address. Make sure to check out his tribute video and read about his accomplishments at WC here.]

Over the last two weeks, I have spent much of my time visiting many of Worthington Christian’s classrooms for short visits, ostensibly to gather data that will help inform our professional development plans for next year, but also because I love spending time watching our teachers teach and our students learn. I have been privy to watching students wrestling with French grammar, writing a response paper to a text they have read, firing rockets they have designed into the air, taking part in a teddy bear picnic, and all manner of other things that contribute to our student’s education. Few, if any, enter the teaching profession with dreams of becoming an administrator. Teachers enter because they love to teach. The daily engagement with students is energizing. Those of us in administration always hold some longing to return to the classroom to experience that daily engagement once more, so this chance to do so again in some measure before the end of my time at WC has been great. 

I am convinced that the best days for WC are still ahead. New and returning leadership will continue to guide the school in its mission and push it to new heights. The faculty remains one of the best in the business and has shown themselves committed to nurturing and developing young hearts and minds toward loving truth, goodness, and beauty. Coaches, secretaries, nurses, and other staff members will always support teachers and students in their pursuits. I cannot wait to see what WC does over the next decade and beyond. 

I think back to those 20 families who were a part of my first second-grade classroom in 1994-95. Many of those students now have children of their own, and I love seeing how they have grown into mature adults. I recently saw two of my former softball players (from WC’s first league championship team in 1996!) post pictures of a reunion they had at one of their farms. It was a highlight of my day to see their friendship is still ongoing. To anyone who has had any part in my 27 years here at WC, regardless of the circumstance, I want to thank you. It has been all my privilege.  

Finally, I simply cannot leave WC without a parting reference to that great story that I have shared so many times over the years. Echoing the Unicorn in Lewis’ The Last Battle (The Chronicles of Narnia), I invite the entire WC community to “Come further up, come further in!” The journey and the ending are certain to be spectacular. 

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